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Communication Skills...

Children learn best usually by being surrounded by older children!  A woman can naturally birth 12 or more/less children and can successfully take care of them with the positive support from a husband, life partner, extended family or hired in help... 

In most facilities they group 2 year olds and younger children together.  Two year olds are learning to talk and have a harder time progressing verbally because the other 2 yr olds know exactly what your child knows or less.  The only person to teach them higher verbal skills --would be the teacher but her attention is divided by the number of same age students in the group which demand her attention as well. If the teacher doesn't talk to the children then this can stagnate their verbal learning process.

 A parent/guardian or teacher who communicates to a child positivily can increase the childs verbal skills.  If you have a parent or teacher who doesn't like to talk to the child then it can cause verbal stagnation which effects cognitive learning --negativily. 

 In most 2 yr old playrooms/classrooms the children can be found sometimes biting the other 2 yr olds (not all of them do this).  Some young 2 year olds lack the verbal skills to play well with the other young children. Children who lash out physically towards others --just lack verbal skills--to tell the other children/adults what they need or want. 

 Young children can bite if they're in teething stage, as well...  They're not doing this to be mean --it's natural for them to want to chew on toys, blankets and if you put your hand near their mouth--guess what? they just might just bite! Please do not bite your child (love bites) it teaches the child to bite and will teach them that it is acceptable to bite others!  Please TRY your hardest NOT to hit your child or children--it also teachs them that is acceptable to hit others--including sibblings, friends or other adult caregivers. 

If you want your child or children to form close bonds with other children and not to experience being isolated from play groups and friends--because of their hitting--the best thing you can do for them is to refrain from hitting  him/her. Your child will learn to be rejected by classmates, if your child strikes at a child or others. If your child learns negative behaviors your child will probably get rejected by their class peers. Would you want to be with someone that hits? 

Negative behaviors seem to come out when a young child is lacking in sleep, naps, sick, not fed healthy foods on a regular 2 1/2 to 3 hours schedule or is not feeling cared for....  Meeting the child's needs will increase their daily  "happiness factor"! Say "I love you" and catch them being GOOD!  Look away when they are being negative and distract them from negative situations! Use "I" messages as much as possible.  Example: I would like for you to help clean the toys up.  Please refrain from using the words "You" "Your" & "Don't" which set's your child up for failure.....usually. 

Eventually they'll gain these verbal skills as they get older. Children seem to gain these higher verbal skills faster in a mixed older grouped classrooms than in a infant, toddler or a 2 year old playroom/classroom ---where verbal skills can stagnate. When educating a child, you want to prevent stagnation in communications skills... Cognitive stagnation can occur with not rotating toys and music by not offering variety.  The "KEY" is offering a little more information daily to your child and building upon that.


  Health care policies and procedures that include, but are not limited to, the following areas: (12) Children with special needs.  We have the same health care policies for all children.

What's New with My Student's? Word Boxes, Letter & Word Journals plus Keepsake Memory Porfolio's (for contracted enrolled students that come Full -Time - 12 months a year and fully paid up on all class fees)

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