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Photo Gallery

My two daughters are 21 yrs of age and 14 yrs of age-- in 2007.Surprised

Shirree my daughter out of school for the day in 2007 she is13 yrs old w/ Timmy 2 yrs old. He was learning computers 101 with me but she wanted to see how he was progressing so I grabbed the camera--notice his concentration and his finger positions on the computer!

Shirree 1 yr old


Shirree w/ positive friends! Shirree is an A student in Geometry in 8th grade, cheerleader plus now magages her school vollyball team.

Shirree's art work

Shirree after she helped us all blow up the preschool pool for this summer!

Kayla 1st grade--she is now 21 yrs this October 2007 and works for a large successful company.

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