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Items Needed For Class

In our class, I am trying to promote a positive classroom experience to bring your child's self esteem up as high as possible.  Parent's/Guardians by purchasing "I Can Do It Clothes and Shoes" for your child's positive classroom experience, it will bring your child's self esteem up!

As a teacher and a mom, I prefer slip on shoes which protect your child's whole entire foot and toes, especially if it is waterproof-- since WA state-- is a rainy state. Your child's feet will stay safer in these type of shoes. A child can velcro an item WAY before they can zip, snap or tie. Tie shoes are tripping hazzards for the small child "please" refrain from having your child come to class in this type of shoe--when they can't tie, zip, snap them yet...  They do make a special curly shoe string that I "highly recommend" until you can make time to buy a velcro slip on shoe. (see below bottom page pictures for some examples).

Note:  If parent's buy too large of a shoe this causes tripping hazzard for your child and it also can cause foot problems while your child is developing.

If your family and friends give you clothing items for your child, it doesn't mean you need to put over sized shoes on your child or clothes, it just means you have clothing options for them when they are old/big enough to wear the items-they did save you money for during that time.  Next year you won't have to buy that/those items but this year you will.  

Unfortunately, I don't have time to give your child medicine's (unless with a doctor's note and it's very critical) otherwise please give your child these items before coming to class/daycare and give it to them after class/daycare.

I also don't have time to help your child brush their teeth in class or daycare please teach your child to do this in the morning before you bring child to class/daycare and after class/daycare.  This also applies to bathing, this should be done on your home personal time. This helps us keep less germ spread in a group situation-which is best for all the children.  When children get new clothing items or shoes, please teach them how to put them on and how to take them off.

If your child needs to be transported in a car, please leave their car seat for us to use for them. I don't provide car seats for any child.  If a child doesn't have a car seat, then they can't be transported to event, field trip or school. In this situation they would need to stay on site or be picked up by parent before event.


If your paying the potty trained child rate (which is a lower rate) we don't help your child on the potty -at all. We will verbally guide them occassionally to gently remind them to not forget to wipe, wash hands.  Rates change yearly so assume that your paying a lower rate and this can be matched with the current rate sheet.  Rates change yearly by the end of February.  I will give most parents a few weeks advance notice if their rate change will be going up, to keep up with the economy.  

When your child is learning to potty train, it is really important to put easy to pull up and down clothes. During this time your going to need to buy bigger clothes so they can learn to pull them up and down--just roll up the pants/sleeves during this learning time.  

 Sweats are ideal and the ones with the elastic gathered legs do well.  Winter sweats are heavier and their is lighter cotton sweats for summer.  Find elastic waist which is not tight and hard to pull on or off.  Your child will potty train faster if your boosting your child's self esteem when he can do it without complications from clothes that frustrate him/her. Your child will grow into these clothes eventually as well... A good investment for next year.

The small child is so much more interested in the chase of friends on the playground and usually will not let an adult know that their shoe has came untied... I want to totally eliminate the daily tripping hazzard of the playground "owie". I will show some examples of ideal foot wear, rain gear and snow gear down below in pictures as examples. If you don't have these items right away that is AOK but next time you shop please pick up a similiar item to what is shown below--once your child out grows what you have at home. 

In my class it is not about church or no church, it's not about where you come from or what color we might all be--everyone is welcome here. It is only about the positive outcome for your child.  We as a team can make the best positive choices that positivily effect your child's emotional well being which WILL bring their self esteem up VERY HIGH in all areas of cognitivie growth! 

If your child comes over in shorts /dresses --expect more owies... Uncovered legs and arms- get more owies. The new fad is holes in jeans, this also incourages more owie's to appear.  I like it when the kids come over to work and play hard without fancy clothes that can get ruined from playground play or from messy art projects. I can't reimburse for any clothes that might get ruined in class or in the playground.  Please save the fancy clothes and shoes for home, parties, events and if you go to church--for church. We sometimes walk muddy trails so rain boots and snow boots are ideal for those really rainy or snowy days.  When children have holes in the knees of pants expect more owies...   

I like the children to have mittens/gloves for class so if they fall it protect their hands from scrapes during the fall/winter/spring months.  The easy on mittens with the thumb only- is best for young ages. I prefer the water proof gloves mittens because they can be used all year long for rain/snow and for cool weather.

Please send your child with age appropriate mittens--if they are too large the will fall off constantly and this will frustrate your child because they won't be able to move them to play with the other children-this includes holding hands in group games.  Imagine holding hands to play "ring around the rosie" and the other child now has the glove in their hand? and the game is at a halt until that child puts the glove back on their hand again to just have it fall off again.

They do make all in one shoes, they cost a higher price but remember you will have less shoes to buy and to deal with.  If you buy waterproof velcro or slip on very warm sneakers--you'll cover almost all the bases for great playground footwear for almost every occassion--one shoe to handle 4 pairs of shoes jobs. Often buying 1 inch above the big toe is ideal or 1/2 and inch above the big toe--any larger would be tripping hazzard for your child during playtime.  If the childs foot is narrow and you've bought a really wide shoe, this is a tripping hazzard as well.  

Many times when the child falls, it is not their fault and they probably wouldn't of fell at all--if they would of had well fitting shoes.  Shoes that are too tight or too big can cause problems when their sent to class to learn how to run, chase, skip, hop, walk backwards, gallop, jumping jacks, twirl, spin, roll and balance on their feet. So remember to watch your child walk and run in their shoes, if they seem like their mobility is hindered-you might want to change the shoes. Having a positive play and running experience is just a critical as having a positive class experience in other class subjects.


Remember to bring 5 or more pullups/diapers per day.  A box of wipes or more than 10 wipes per day (for those looser stools).  All parent's are required to bring their own ointments for diaper rash prevention.  All children need back up clothes for accidents (pants, dress, underwear, socks, shirts) Children are learning to hold cups and may spill on themselves or they may get sick in class-we might be dealing with looser stools or vomit.  Sometimes we do messy class projects...  1 set for older children and a few sets of clothes for infants is needed daily.  Parent's may choose to leave these items onsite to lessen the things they carry in daily...  I store this in the diaper changer area or the hall closet.   


Parent's can bring foods in that are store bought and enough to share with all children scheduled--see class calendar for names of children and how many that will be present for the day.  (schedule can change without notice). Please refrain from bringing in choking hazard type foods or toys-check with us first before letting them play with it in class. Some toys are for older ages so it shouldn't be around younger ages-please keep those at home so they can share those with neighbor friends or extended family members.  No weapons of any kind can come into class/daycare regardless in how small it is or safe it is.  Please refrain teaching your very young child to play with guns (even if its for play) these children are usually the students that are expelled in the upper grade schools.  Violence is discouraged. Please no spanking children on site-it scares the other children who don't get spanked.

There is no corporal punishment in class/daycare. Our policy is to redirect or have them sit with a book and calm down.  It helps them move their attention off of situation and allows them enough cool time to join back in. I usually give them a minute per age year. (no longer than 5 minutes for 5 yrs and older) With 1 being cool and 10 being out of sorts, if the child is at level 10, I usually wait till they're at 1 or 2 to talk to them about a better way of handling their upset. I often shadow the children to help them with their activities and social play.  

This is not a skate park so please don't bring skate boards, skates or wheeled toys or things that can crash into walls and children.   This can include wheeled backpacks, cars, trucks especially remote controlled items that can go really fast....  Some items can come in, s just check with us first.  I allow some strollers to come in as long as they are on the carpeted areas...  (please carry wheeled items in and check with me first)

Toys can never leave the site-I need to be able to offer the same toys to other children the next day or our company at night that might have children.  It helps teach the children boundaries as well.  If I let one child take a toy then other children will want to take the toys (which creates unfairness to others).   Also, because children are routine orientated, they will be looking to repeat taking the item or items the next time.  Children should learn not to take things from class so that they won't start walking off with things at stores or other peoples homes.... If your child takes something without permission, just have them learn to return it and apologize so this doesn't become a huge problem for your family dynamics later down the road. If in doubt ask...  Please no bringing in noisy distraction toys, which  can interupt class and learning especially the really loud kinds.  If your child brings a toy from LG to your home, have them learn to return the item and apologize-this will help them with learning boundaries at stores, friends and families homes. If they get to keep it, then your child will be getting positive reinforcement to steal from places.  It's best to nip this when they are little to set the pattern of respect.

Girls Rain Boots Mimic Mary Jane Shoes

Stand strong and proud in slip on rain boots.

Green Frog Rain boots

Relax and clear your mind in these "I Can Pull On Rain my own boots" less hassle for parent's and  children.

Water proof rain boots

Strong winds embraces these snow boots which are water proof.Wink

Cute Green Frog Rain boots

Captures the excitement of being around this snow shoe which is water proof.Smile

Snow Suit 

Insulated Lunch/Snack Box

Insulated Lunch/Snack Box

Here is a raincoat set (no umbrella's can come to class/daycare please leave in car)

 Curly Shoe Strings come in multiple colors!

Here is a raincoat set (no umbrella's can come to class/daycare please leave in car)