I joined the USDA food program and so can you!

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Please schedule a tour with me at 2pm M-F and I can talk to you about how parents can sign their children up for the USDA food program, after you've enrolled with me.


We might have pizza but we get cheese pizza normally and occassionally chicken pizza.  I feel that this one is the best one to serve to children.  The dough is the bread, the pizza sauce is the veggie/fruit and the cheese is the protein.  We usually add cheese and other veggie items to the pizza, also.  We serve cheese quesadilla's, cheese sandwich's, peanut butter or other nut and seed butters on breads, pasta's, rice dishes-usually the items children mostly love!  Allergies are always considered before serving each meal and snack!!

If you can't schedule an appointment with me at this time, please visit the USDA website. Please feel free to browse  all their wonderful links so you can get the information you need, at your convienance.

  • http://www.k12.wa.us/childnutrition 
  • Another interesting web page to view is http://www.choosemyplate.gov/