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                                                                   General Information


If you by chance just see one child @ Little Geniuses, it could mean most of the kids have gone for the day.  It also could mean that the parent is paying an extra $1.00 a minute for care to be provided either before their original appointment or after their original appointment, parents are required to leave the extra fee charges in the purple envelope on the table at the sign in sheet or it will be considered late and will be billed as late with extra late fees attached.  We usually try to bill the extra overtime late fees that are unpaid  monthly or yearly, this is left up to our discrepency to bill monthly or yearly-the reality parents need to pay at time of service, not the day after.  Parents are obligated to pay in advance daily for any OT.  If the OT isn't paid then it's considered to be late. Just like you, you wouldn't work for your employer for free for OT.  (nor do we) 


Parents are obligated to keep us informed of any appointment changes.  If the appointment change is scheduled with Janice in advance and approved via text message, email or voicemail then Janice will forgo the $1.00 a minute late charge and charge the hourly charge instead. If you don't receive a message in text, email or voicemail from Janice or Mandy for extending your appointment time, then cosider it not approved.   Any tuition that is not paid that is due at the 1st of the month will be charged a $10.00 per day late fee.


Remember, after our close time (usually when no child is scheduled and does not have an advance appointment) there is no children paying our hourly wage so it is imparative for accounting to collect late fees so we get paid and aren't working for free. We have night classes to be at and other family functions just like you do and we do not operate a 24 hour daycare where anyone can just show up anytime, we have a childcare where parents who make advance appointments with us to reserve a spot for their child by paying for it in advance at least 72 hours or more.  Some parents already have a reduced tuition because we don't make you pay for the daily 12 hour spot, you might be paying for the 9 hour spot. We sell the hours that parents don't contract for to other parents.  Your spot is only the hours you have contracted for or made and appointment for.  If your not contracted, drop in appointments need 72 hours or more notice to cancel and not be charged for the scheduled appointment by text message or voicemail.


All employees and volunteers agree to not take childcare infants, toddlers, children and kids from Little Geniuses to create a new daycare, preschool, preK or babysitting service. All employees will need to pay back any income loss due to taking clients from Little Geniuses plus all attornies fees.  Parent's and guardians also agree not to use employees and volunteers during Little Geniuses open hours for childcare services or parent's will be liable for loss of income with Little Geniuses if under a contract with LG and all legal fees will be at the parent's expense.


If your an employee for LG please pick up your paycheck at our current site. We can't just mail out paychecks, you'll need to sign for it.   We also need to do a few forms to finalize your file. All companies have you pick up your check at work, I'm sorry for the inconvienance it may cause you.  


 We provides equal opportunity in programs and employment and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin/language, creed/religion, sex, sexual orientation-including gender identity, disability, or the use of a service animal by a person with a disability, age, marital status, honorably discharged veteran or military status and HIV/Hepatitis C status.

Little Geniuses will also take steps to assure that national origin persons who lack English language skills can participate in all education programs, services and activities.