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General information


Only scheduled by advance appointment with more than 72 hours, the more advance notice for an appointment the greater the chance of us having an opening for your child or children. Your more than welcome to ask us if we have a spot available for you last minute but be prepared that we might be full already.  Please remember once you schedule an appointment with us for your child, it is full charge for that appointment, even if their is a change in plans.  By scheduling more out in the future, before your in the 72 hour non refunadable period. Parents can cancel if you schedule 72 hours or more before the actual appointment. All parents are financially commited for payment for child care or class schedules during the 72 hour window for their appointments. We do take Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Typical schedule but may change...


The contract sign in sheet between parent and Little Geniuses is used for billing purposes.  When parents sign in and out, they are agreeing to all policy and proceedures on Little Geniuses website Lgpreschool.com.  Parents need to read it and agree to read it and keep to Little Geniuses policy and proceedures.  Parnets need to make an appointment at 2pm for adult conversations with Janice during nap time and all parents agree to do this when they sign up for childcare and sign the sign in sheets.  Every business has policy and proceedures and they vary from business to business.  When you sign up your children for swimming, karate, soccer and etc.. they all have their policies and proceedures.  (we are no different)  We don't want little ears hearing adult conversations that maybe of a sensitive subject and we need to make sure all families personal information is private.  I will meet parents at Star Bucks for a more personalized conference also...  Just ask and we'll plan together and see what dates work for both of us.  





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