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Janice (class teacher)

I started LG Preschool/Pre-K in December of 2006. I took a 6 yr sabaticle before starting LG.  I had a similar home business, prior to this business. I had it for about 9 years-I closed it after my divorce (I was married 15+years but chose to divorce). I'm very happy with my decision to divorce, it brings my new life path positive changes for me and my children. I was in a relationship where I couldn't get my x husband to go to family counciling, seperate or divorce so I chose divorce. I'm not an advocate of divorce, but I do believe if nothing positive is coming from a marriage/relationship then sometimes it's best to part ways. 

  I come from a family of 5 children and I am the oldest. I come from a family of 2 girls and 3 boys.  I have a 29 yr old daughter and 22 year old daughter.

My significant other has 2 children also. His daughter is 30 yrs old and his son is 20 yrs old in 2016.   We are a blended family and have been for 16+ years now.   He also come from a family of 5 children and he's also the oldest of 5 children.  We both share many things in common with each other-more than most couples do.  We have over 60 things in common with each other-which is VERY rare. 

Greg is a computer programmer, IT consultant, can run servers.  He works from home-he often assists my clients with computer help, people from all over the USA and some local businesses. He's a computer programmer, computer consultant, runs servers for businesses and he sometimes will get roped into doing hardware installation but he enjoys programming mostly. He's very creative and enjoys working with all sorts of programs. His specialty is the medical field and real estate field. He can often fix people computers without leaving our abode--he often goes on-line and fixs people's computers with remote access.  We both work from home.  This better serves our family home dynamics.... 

Greg has done CPR for infants,child and adult, First Aid and Blood Born Pathegeons.  He has done a WA state criminal history check and it's on file in my class portfolio.  He often helps on field trips.  

 We both enjoy sci-fi, comedies, action films, fantasy films--we love to travel for weekend getaways and vacations out of state. We both love guiding people we know....  I love to help children learn and he loves to help people with their computer problems....  We both feel that we have great life paths!

We've been at this house for 15 plus year, it's within minutes walking distance of 8 playground parks, a nature trail in front of the house, ECO friendly childcare site, EA site-Early Achievers site. Organic foods are given to the kids whenever I can find reasonable prices, otherwise just store bought foods. In our front yard there is a fire hydrant and the Fire department is 2 miles away or closer.  The sheriffs office is the same distance.


We live in a 2 story home because if there is ever a flood we have somewhere to escape too! lol  I love many types of houses and hope that someday we will live in a tri-level home.  (I've never lived in that type of home yet) I have experienced flooding in a house we had in Bellevue, I will never buy a house with a sump pump ever again... We hope to build a house in the future... 


I have lost a baby in my past before I had my first daughter, I was 5 months pregnant and I miscarried.  I was humble as a teen, but I would say I've been humbled by life experiences as well...   also lost my sister when she was 25 yrs old *I was 26 yrs back then and living in Florida*.  I've lived in a few states (FL, NM, TX, OK, AZ, WA and have traveled quite a bit... 

We have a few assistants and their all primary care givers who have all the credentials to take over, if I need to go to an appointment.


I've paid a publisher and signed the royalty forms and hope to be publishing in 2018.

My life path is to guide young children and set the up for life and educational success! 

The History or Story Behind My Site

I truly believe EVERY child has the potential of being a future little genius-with exposure of education on a daily basis at a very young age.  My new life path is to help the very young child tap into his/her cognitive skills and build upon all subjects.  Play is very important but balancing play with education is the ultimate goal.

  • I have a CDA in family child care (Child Development Associates) ( I'm currently enrolling into another CDA program for facility child care)
  • I can teach most 3 year olds in my Preschool Full-Time four hour program to read books (most Preschools can't do this)  I have testimonials from many parents who love that I got their children reading books at a young age-while playing games and just playing.  If the children take naps and go to bed early, about 7 or 8pm and get about 12 hours or more sleep and don't have a daily high sugar intake-these kiddo's do best in my program.
  • I have over 200+ clock hours of child development classes with certificates and counting!
  • I have experience with the USDA food program. I contract with them and parents can sign up for the USDA program under my enrollment.
  • I have Infant,Child/Adult CPR training- over a decade of those classes.
  • I have First Aid training (over a decade of those classes )
  • I have a Food Handlers Permit and anyone who would care for you child during meal times.
  • I have and hold a college diploma from 1991 in child developement!
  • I have taken the Blood Born Pathegeons class (BBP) every two years.
  • I take evening and weekend classes to keep current with today's new information.
  • I take a few on-line classes yearly, to put toward my  future educational portfolio's.
  • I have paid a publisher to publish books and flashcards--hoping to do this in 2016. I've signed the royalty papers to get that going...
  • I have a Diploma in Child Day Care Management
  • I've take many college classes in child development over the last 20+ years.
  • I've taken the TB test (quite a few times) and was clear (which is good)
  • I have over 12+ years experience teaching Preschool/Pre-K and 9+ yrs experience teaching Kindergarten
  • I have over 30+ years experience in a combination of babysitting/nanny/childcare/day care experience + our raising of our 3 children-.  ( ages now 28, 18, 21 -in 2015-Greg's oldest daughter was raised mostly by her mother, but she did visit us and stay with us-occassionally.   (which would make her our number 4 child).
  • I've potty trained over 100+ children over my career...
  • I've been on the front page and second page of the Eastside Journal American (in color) for having a great business to offer the community. It's now posted in my current classroom.
  • I've done a radio interview.
  • I was asked to run the Micorosft Millinimum children's part of the party, but had to decline it. 
  • I was asked to go on a TV news station, but I was 8 month pregnant so I declined the interview (way too pregnant)
  • I've had very large companies call me to run their Millennium parties in 1999--I declined them because I was in the begining stage of my divorce from a 15 yr marriage back then.
  • I've won  over $1,700.00+ for writing a paper for a grant for the King County Childcare Program--years ago in 1997.
  • I have my educational class portfolio in my classroom.
  • I'm a Daycare/Childcare/Preschool/Pre-K Consultant (I help guide new businesses and old businesses)
  • I have MANY old references and current references--some are notarized and on this website in forms area.
  • I have helped assist  and guide parent's in the potty training process-- over 100+ children
  • I try to teach all 101 subjects--everything is 101 and beginning level. This may include Spanish, Sign Language, Computers, Solar System, Advanced Geometrical Shapes, Skeletal, Art, Science, Math, Writing, Reading, Phonetics, Memorization, Manners, Communication Skills, Money, Time, Letter/Number/Writing Journals, Word Boxes, Geography, Social Studies, Maps, Cooking, Nature Walks, Playground skills, Nurture skills, Pets 101, Environment-Indoors/outdoors, Organic's and nutrition.  I create Keepsake Memory Portfolio's for Full-Time Children who attend my class 12 month a year with class fees being current and paid up to date. All these subjects are not done in one day-it's spread over the 5 day week. 
  •  Parent's/Guardian's pay additional for specialty classes-see rate sheets.
  • We have MANY smoke alarms upstairs and downstairs, fire extinguishers and we even bought a carbon monoxide alarm. 
  • We have pets for pets 101 ( one older ferret upstairs, 1 Sun Conjure downstairs in the formal dining area.  They live in their own large habitats.
  • We have a non smoking home. 
  • There is no corporal punishment at my home business.  Parents/Guardians:  I need for you to not spank your children at my business--it will scare the other children...  Please save that for your home (if you do that) so the other children can't see it. Outside the house is still not a good place to do this.... 
  • We do need to report any suspected child abuse-this is required from all teachers, nurses, doctors and professionals everywhere.
  • My past student's that attended full time four hours a day and didn't miss any class days--they make high A's and B's in the higher academic schools and all are doing well in the community and society -as a whole.  Some will test into GIFTED programs...
  • My oldest daughter got her degree.  The other is working on it. Greg's son is working on his own, as well.  Greg's oldest daughter bought her own house without a man helping her, by herself.
  • My youngest daughter is  now 21 years old and engaged. 
  • I will update this more....soon--hopefully by December.

It all started when I helped babysit my brothers.  Later to start babysitting the neighborhood children.  My career in this field started some time after I had my first daughter when she was about 3 yrs in 1989- till present day.  With having 4 children between the two of us, as a blended family-I feel I would be an asset to any family for child development tips. Please ask to see my educational class portfolio anytime or even ask for notarized reference letters and phone numbers of past clients and current client's. If your ever feel stuck in a situation with your children and your not sure how to handle it--please ask me--I've seen almost everything and I have tons of ideas on how to handle most things and I can always find a link on some web site for more ideas for you-anytime.

I've had my own children potty trained before the age of 2 years and over 100+ children in my career...  Greg my significant other, thinks I'm like a "Child Whisperer"  What would this be? It's someone who helps guide children and adults to a better family dynamics and life path... 

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