LG (24 hour home licensed childcare, Preschool, Nursery school, Pre-K)

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24 hour childcare -midnight, swing shift, weekends-DSHS welcome and subsidies

 SchoolReport.org Kent SD - Emergency *use this link to see if your child's school is closed or running late*


Welcome to LG Preschool, Pre-K and licensed "Home AWAY from Home" child care.

We're located within minutes from Lake Young's Nature trail-just across the street!  We're also within minutes walking distance to 9 playground parks. We're an ECO friendly childcare site, certificate on the wall.  We're an Early Achievers site.  At our place we don't separate your children from each other.  They aren't put in age specific rooms for the day, like some facilities do. We keep your children together, so your children can continue their daily bond and attachment with each other, which is very important!  If we do separate them, it will be only for a little while-maybe one wants to go in the backyard with a teacher and the other wants to stay inside in the playroom.  Letting them learn to own their seperate autonomy is good for them-we all crave that naturally.  

See link http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Sibling_relations.aspx  

We are taking a waiting list currently for infant daytime childcare, but we do have openings for midnight shift, weekend nights and weekday nights.  We're enrolling for nights, midnight shifts, weekends for all other ages up to their 13th birthday- we maybe able to apply for a waiver to continue having your young teen with us. We do have just a few openings for daytime childcare for ages 5 years till before they turn 13 years old on their birthday.  We're also are accepting children from 7pm at night for evening childcare-this type of childcare is only if you need to go to a party, event, a excercise class, school or if you need to work nights. All tours are scheduled M thru Thursday between 2pm to 2:30pm.  We do take MOST subsidies, please e-mail or call for more information to see if we meet your childcare needs. We sometimes need a 72 hour call back turn around, especially if you call on a Friday, weekend or holiday. If your cell number is ringing into us as unknown, please unblock it and we'll be sure to answer your call. If you text us, it will take longer for us to get back to you, as I can't always hear the text.

Most center childcare centers seperate the 3 yr old brother/sister from the 4 year old big sister/brother, thus seperating them from each other all day. We offer licensed daycare for parents who need childcare. This is a small ratio childcare, less than 12 children at any given time. We do have assistants. I have many testimonials and references on request. I've taught quite a few children to read books at the ages of 3 yrs and 4yrs of age, without sending homework home-these children were full time M-F with attending more than 4 hours a day daily during 9am to 1pm, without missing too many days during the year.  Our playroom is designed to have tutor time with each child amongst the children, but also having them learn together as a group for the social and communication skills. 

Your child is a precious little unique little person.  Our program has been designed to prepare your child for a love of learning, both for now and for the future. It is our purpose to offer a quality education which nurtures the whole child, with the children's interest. We strive to equip students to face the challenges of everyday life from a child’s perspective. Our childcare staff is dedicated to nurturing the unique personality of each child. We schedule by advance appointments for all types of childcare.  We only have 12 children enrolled at one time. I have assistants and volunteers. If you need evenings, nights or weekends, we can accomodate those schedules, but space is limited so please call in advance at least 72 hours or more. For some of the parents who already bring their child for childcare here on site, our night and weekend care will bring familiarity and these parents won't need to struggle to find a babysitters as they have a built in support system with us. By having the same atmosphere and the same caregivers will be less stressful for your child and for parents, this brings routine and predicability together.  Please always pay in advance to secure your childs spot for all childcare. We have Visa, MC, Discover and American Express, PayPal, personal checks with 2 valid ID's. Please email me for our rate page.


We offer a non competitive classroom and childcare.  In the childcare I do not regularly set up or have out competitive activities. Being that this is an early childhood setting and we are setting children up for having as many successful experiences in and with childcare as possible.
To have a lot of competitive board games would mean having one happy “winner” and a group of crying or angry children to console….I like to go home with my head intact.  I have a lot of self correcting or open ended activities. This means if something spills, tips over, or goes splat there are materials available for the child to clean it up immediately themselves, and so on.
Duplo Legos, Marble Mazes, Wooden Blocks are all open ended activities that have no right or wrong way to use them. As the children grow and develop we can challenge them more with materials as they are introduced and added to the childcare setting. I rotate toys from the garage so we always have treasures to find each week.  I have a modular playroom.  I can easily take any of the wood or plastic toys outside for fun on the deck or backyard area or just to open up more playroom fun if we want to use the mats for indoor excercise or play... We don't get cabin fever here, we have more options than most places!
I notice the children gaining confidence, staying focused for increased periods of time, and problem solving together.
Warms a teachers heart!!! 
Some great non-competitive games & activities are:

*Candy Land-Hasbro
*Snails Pace Race
*Etch a Sketch
*Pound a Peg

fatbraintoys.com website has excellent reviews of toys that are well researched. It is actually quite impressive.


Our Program Philosophy: 




Our mission is to provide a safe, environment where learning and growing take place. Children will be nur-tured, so that they can grow physically, socially, intellectually, and cre-atively. We are grounded in developmen-tally appropriate practices within a hand’s on learning environment. Your child’s year will be filled with happy times of learning, growing, exploring, creating, and discovering. Your child will be provid-ed enriching experiences to participate in to help him/her develop into the unique individual.  My own four children never got a broken bone or any fractures, feel free to ask their pediatricians!  I have yet to have a child get a broken or sprained arm while in my care, I really hope no child breaks my perfect record! 

I mostly use emergent curriculum and base the day’s activities on what the children interested in.  For example, if the children were exploring outside, we may set up science experiments, catch bugs, or play in the garden.

The children’s social and communication skills are paramount in our play areas and class.  My hopes is to get all children reading books before they get to first grade and if we’re lucky, before Kindergarten is a bonus!




 I've taught a few 3 year olds and a 4 yr old to read books without sending homework home with them and I have the testamonies from the parents also. These children attended full time preschool and Pre-K and didn't miss classes!  If you'd like to get testimonials and references, just ask me during the tour.  Feel free to talk to any of the parents to see how their child is excelling. I have many testimonials!  Children who attend here that are too tired, cranky, had too much sugar elsewhere, will not be able to be able to advance very fast here with us, until they have been put on a nice bedtime routine each night at 8pm or 7:30pm and limit sugars to special party days. Too many absences will keep your child from missing critical days where we might be learning letters, numbers, colors, sounds, tracing and writing skills.

My reading program is a mixture of learning to memorize words, letters, words families but also learning phonetics, it's the blending of all the systems that creates little book readers who love to read! I really believe that if we encourage a small child to play an educational game, while their full attention is open to learning (attention spans vary by age and the over all whole health of the child (hunger or lack of sleep needs to addressed and tended to first prior to any educational games or projects). The child gets a small nurturing educational tutoring game, only if the child is well rested, well fed and is in good emotional and physical health. With any type of stress going on with the child, we will let them play and focus on social skills and their communication skills, instead. We back off with the education, if they come in tired or with a cold, we focus on the TLC part in those type of situations.

Basic preschool teaches the basics, that are taught most everywhere in preschools.  Advance preschool is when we teach past the basic preschool subjects. Basic shapes would be and example of that, whereas advanced shapes like the parallelogram and trapazoid would be considered the advanced program, which is a great lead in for geometery later in the academic years. The child who knows these shapes prior to geometry shouldn't fear learning this subject matter, it actually should relax them to see familiar shapes already learned. 

Our website is under construction... Please excuse us while we fine tune all the details. We are having the web pages redone and adding flash to it.  I ran part time Preschool  for four hours a day only for 2 years before just opening up the licensed daycare a little over a year ago so we're now tweaking the website to be all the more inclusive of the daycare information.  Forgive our typo's and punctuation during our posting of our website, I would rather have some information up really fast, rather than none at all. I don't have someone who is specifically hired or in charge of making my website or designing it, it is just done by my assistant" who type's into this website "here and there" when she has time.  My time is mostly spent teaching to get them to the point of reading books and I am involved with many families (with having part time and full time children).  I'm also very busy with my own 4 children, and our newest addition a little havaneese hypoallegenic 9lb soft gentle doggie, our conure bird- then our own family and friends we've known for decades. I do have two assistants now.   I'm very busy, so the website is basically last on my "to do list" to tweak.  I would rather spend my extra time on educating the children or tending to my own nuclear family.

During the school year, we have before and after school class spots available.  Have your child immersed in an educational program before or after school. Your child's priority will be getting a healthy snack then homework guidance! After homework, they'll enjoy our 9 playground parks, Lake Young's Nature trail which is 9 miles around (we usually don't go all the round it- but some day hope too!).  On the nature trail the kiddos can run, eat summer and fall berries, while looking for nature animals, deer, wild birds, horses, bugs and insects. If parents allow the children to take a snail or other bug treasure, that is fine with us.  Children who learn to nurture  pets and plants will be less violent later in life, according to the studies. The trail is enclosed on one side so they are safer this way, while not walking directly into the woods.  The children pack snacks and often will play games on the trail.  Our children often play kick ball (taking turns so the younger children get exposure) and other physical skill development type activities like zig-zag running, walking backwards and skipping. We also study birds, animals, insects and plants on the trail, getting them a great exposure to nature.

Space is limited.  We have a 12 child ratio.  We usually have two adults around during our busy times, sometimes more adults. There is no guarantee of any childcare spots, we do accept non refundable deposits of $375.00 per child for the next available spot on our waiting list. Once your spot becomes available, this $375.00 goes towards your child's last  2 weeks notice tuition fees. This allows us to sign up the children of the parents who are willing to wait to get their children into our great program. Families can get on the waiting list without putting the non refundable deposit down, it just means that families who put a non refundable deposit are serious about the spot and will get it first before someone who is just on the waiting list-we know that there are families that will sign up on 9 waiting lists but not be serious to enroll in most of them.  

Drop in childcare is only schedule by 72 hours or more advance appointment and for schedule drop in childcare. We need 72 hours notice to cancel reservation during business hours or more notice- so your not charged.  You can call last minute to see if we have space for your child, space is limited.  Please call well in advance or e-mail to reserve space and make an appointment, this will almost assure you a spot.  If you call last minute, we may or may not have a spot for your child or children, you can ask to be put on a cancelation waiting list.  All class and daycare spots are paid in advance of any and all appointments.  If your late or early before your scheduled times, please be sure to pay at time of service and leave it in the envelope near the sign in sheet.   Please contact us during normal 8 to 5pm business hours. We only respond to emails, voicemails or text messages during  M-F  8 to 5pm business hours.  If you've contacted us during non business hours, we'll contact you within a couple of days or sooner. We do tours after 2PM Monday thru Friday by appointment only. Ideal advance scheduled appointments are at 2Pm Monday thru Friday.  When you've enrolled your child, feel free to drop by anytime we're open.  I need 72 hours or more to cancel a drop-in appointment-in advance of that appointment.  It is full charge for any appointment that is made in advance and not kept or canceled. Cancelations are taken in e-mail, text message and via voicemail with a confirm back from me in the same manner.  So remember if your scheduled for advance childcare appointment, you'll only get a refund ONLY if it's cancelled before the 72 hour window, so we can find another family to take the appointment. If you cancel inside the 72 hour window, there is no refund or credit. Please cancel before the 72 hour window, before the actual scheduled appointment to receive a credit or refund.  Full time or part time childcare don't get to activate the more than 72 hour window cancellation for a refund or credit.  I only do this for people who are trying our services out on once in a while child care situation.

Call to see if we have an opening now or put down a $375.00 non refundable deposit to secure a future class spot -that will free up soon. We have children who move or age out to go into private and public school and this creates openings.  The $375.00 deposit will secure you that next spot that will come up, once we are given 2 weeks notice from a spot that is taken now by another childcare child. The $375.00 non refundable deposit is put toward your last 2 weeks notice period with us and is non refundable.  The childcare spots are sold to the first person who give deposits and tuition prior to starting with us.  


Brain Development In Children 

Did you know the first three years of life is the period of immense growth in all areas of a baby's development (stage 1). A little new baby's brain is about 25 percent of its approximate adult weight. But by age 3 yrs, it has matured dramatically by producing billions of cells and hundreds of trillions of connections, or synapses, between these cells- see this website fro all it's information n the studies http://www.zerotothree.org/ These cells now are ready and craving new information.  (less information means less cell growth) Getting Ready for School Begins at Birth (some believe in the womb as well) Learning more than the basics in a fun way, will head off homework problems in school which will keep their self esteem high. The next period of immense brain growth is from age 3 yrs to 6 years (stage 2). In a gentle, fun learning environment your child could know more than the basics before 1st grade! With daily reading and with receptive learning, your child will excel. What is receptive learning (ask me)?  Check this web site out to get a birds eye view of some if the things we offer in class that is very similiar to this site http://www.creativedance.org/about/braindance.cfm  We do similiar excercises with the children in class/daycare.

Anticipating what your child needs before they get upset , this is very helpful and prevents less melt downs! Having a daily predictable routine for your child or children is the best way to have much calmer children.  Repetition and routine is KEY to parenting success! If your child normally eats at 6AM then have the food ready for them before they get upset. If you forget, then get it ASAP so to prevent a melt down, plus this helps your child feel secure as your RESPECTING his needs. If your child goes to bed at 7:30PM then stick to that game plan-- LIKE GLUE. The worst thing a parent can do is to go off predictable routines-this causes internal emotional upset, once in blue moon parent's do need to take their child off routine, but resume back to it, RIGHT AWAY. If your child get's taken off the old routine, then they will be anticipating the new routine, if you go beyond two days.

Young children do not have a clock or watch and they REALLY depend on reading body language. A child knows when it's day or night and anticipate's their activities around that. Babies understand our language before they can talk or speak.  Sign Language is a great tool to use the first 3 years (it helps the child to communicate before they can talk)


What your going to need to do is to figure out which place is going to meet your child's emotional well being first (really important) so they don't become victim of detachment disorders-this usually only happens if your putting your child in the care of MANY care providers that aren't engaged with your child.  Secondly you're going to need to find out who is going to meet your child's cognitive abilities (learning) and then their physical motor skills.  What you're going to need to do is figure out which place is going to give you the most for your dollars ( for your child's over all well being).  In my childcare it's really obvious the children are all excelling in all these areas.  If your child enrolls at age 2 years and is full-time and comes to our full time class consistently without missing classes without taking too many vacations, holidays or stay home days.  Missing too many days does go against the cognitive learning program in my class program.

I offer basic childcare: Counting to 20, letter recognition upper case, number recognition up to 20, shape recognition basic shapes. manners 101, social skills 101, communication skills 101, drawing 101, dramatic play, block building, sharing, pets 101. Children who attend 3 or more full time days will learn most of this-as long as they attend 3 days a week consistently all year.

Children who attend full time 5 days a week will have an opportunity to learn Lower case letter recognition, number recognition past 20, advanced shapes, Sign Language 101, Spanish 101, Computers 101, Skeletal 101, Solar System 101, writing skills 101, reading 101 and the above subjects also-as long as they attend daily all year.

Call me so I can explain the differences... 

New child or children:  It takes about 10 days before a young child feels comfortable with other new children and the providers. During this process, they'll be learning new daily routines and the children's names. If there is a language barrier, part-time days or maybe multiple adults bring the child-it will take a few days longer to acclimate. My personal gage is 10 days per person dropping off the child.  Most children who come full-time 10 days straight with no routine changes, transistion the fastest! Remember if they are short on sleep, not fed or feeling a little ill, it will effect the routine and thus set the child up for failure, it's best to set the child up for success. Best to keep the front door routine or playroom routine the exact same and with the same person-if at all possible.  Just think when you start a new job, how you feel...  You don't know the routines, what's expected of you and you will be learning peoples names and you will feel insecure.  Your child feels this until he/she acclimates in and bonds with other children and the provider... Try your hardest to not sneak away, as this cause trust issues and upsets that are magnified greatly in a new atmosphere.  The 10 day routine plan won't work unless it's done exactly the same each time so to make it predictable for the child, one deviation throws the 10 day routine plan off and it's then a do over from square one.

Parent's can reserve a class or daycare spot months in advance with a $375.00 deposit-this will be put toward the 2 weeks advance hand written notice to terminate class or daycare but the monthly tuition is still due on the first day of class, parents will loose the advance deposit of $375..00 if the child does not start class or daycare on the agreed start date, it is not refundable. 

I don't mind having co-op or volunteers but everyone will need to get a criminal history check, finger printing and TB done before being able to care for other children-other than your own. (just ask me and I'll get you started)

Our TV policy is "Zero TV".  Our focus is education. We might on a rare day, let the children see a gentle child's movie, if it's lightning or thundering and if the children are scared of the weather noises outside, we have yet to do that.  We may let the children see a quick movie clip for educational purposes off the computer, cell phone  with app's or other electronic device's. We do have "pet's 101 hamster TV" which is viewing a live habitat of small tiny dwarf hamsters eat, forage for food, drink water, clean themselves and watching them play.

The children learn by natural consequences some of the time.  We will have a small conversation with the child if there is a behavioral problem, sometimes we use distraction to help guide them to another activity. In those rare cases we might need to have them sit on the soft couch next to us to calm them down from a temper tantrum and usually we let them look at a book during their quiet time.  I have never spanked my own children Shirree or Parker who live in our abode, you may ask them anytime.  Spanking isn't illigal but I do value communication and quite times over the spanking option.  I'm old enough to have over 100+ tools on this subject to have in my child development tool box.  I will help guide any parent who needs more ideas and child developmental tools on any subject so you can have the most rewarding parenting experience you can have with your child or children. I have very good stats with all my own childrens pediatricians, we are very fortunate to have none of our children experience a broken bone, torn ligament, no nursemaids elbow, no large cuts or gashes and etc... Our children experienced the normal bump, scrape, splinters even though they were enrolled in swimming, cheerleading, soccer, Tae kwon do, skating, skate boarding and etc...  I'm hopefull to keep on that great path with all future grand children and children we care for.

I'm the parent of 4 children myself.  I have helped potty guide over 100+ children so this is very good stats.  The children do play inside and outside here, they'll get the average owies.  This could be a scrape, scratch or bruise, if you don't like to see owies on your child or children please send them with clothes that cover thier arms and legs, if they wear shorts, short sleeves, skirts they will get more owies.  Usually the children come to me and have had more owies with their own family, extended family and friends than comes from our place but life isn't perfect and things could change but I'm very hopeful that it won't.  Since I have the stats for having no broken bones with my own 4 children and over 100+ children in my career, I know this is a safe place for your child.


I do tutor for $20.00 an hour children 7 years and younger, most places charge $40.00 an hour for tutoring.  Call or e-mail me for information on this.  Some children need to re-review what they've learned so I test them and we work on strengthening weak areas...  

When you have time to compare other places with us, remember these positive points that we do for your child:

  • Nurturing atmosphere (real home away from home)
  • Multiple play and learning areas (not just one 5 by 5 room) We have 5 large play/learning areas! I move them so they don't get bored and to mix it up to keeping them engaged.
  • Full timers are taught to read books (missing days goes against cognitive learning at LG) Something is better than nothing but if you want them to read faster, I highly advise full time without missing days for to many holidays, vacations or just because it's more convienant)
  • Children attach and learn better, when taught respect, routines and repetition.
  • Progress reports for Preschool and PreK.
  • Keepsake memory portfolio.
  • I teach them a multitude of subjects to keep them advancing.
  • When possible we feed the kids organic foods with lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • We go on the nature trail often it's 2 minutes away.
  • The children eat every few hours (snacks/meals). I joined the USDA food program, which offers the USDA free food program for children if their parents sign up for it. You can choose to bring your own snacks and meals  in and not sign up for the USDA food probram, if you wish.
  • Basic Preschool offered for daycare children
  • Advanced Preschool is extra if you need a combination of daycare and advance Preschool or Pre-K.
  • I usually humidify the play area when the children have colds.
  • Children get a water cup to drink from anytime they want too! (most places don't provide this)
  • I make Keepsake Memory portfolio's for full time children before they leave Little Geniuses and if parents account is paid in full.  This is a nice tracking tool to see what your child has learned over the course of their time with us at Little Geniuses.
  • I make personalized word boxes for the children who are full-time. In this box is words, letters, numbers, shapes, sign language, spanish,phonetics and their own special words. Once they know all the material then we add two NEW cards each time.
  • I usually offer more warm foods and soups when the weather is cooler and if kids come in with colds.
  • I do read body language of a child very easily and I usually can tell if a child is short on sleep, not feeling well or hasn't had a meal or snack before coming to daycare or class.  
  • My rates are in the medium to high range. Remember, I have longer classes than the average Preschool/Pre-K and I teach WAY more-the goal is to have them reading a year later after full-time enrollment.
  • I have advanced Preschool and Pre-K rates-this is for parents who want their children learning more than just the ABC's and counting past 10 or 20. I have a few full time children who have been reading books since they were 3 years old.
  • I have daycare rates which includes 1 hours of basic Preschool/Pre-K and it's from 9;30am to 10:30am.
  • I have part-time and drop-in by advance appointment rates.
  • I have a rocking chair to help nurture and sooth them in, most places don't offer this.  I even teach them to wait for me in my rocking chair, if they need a cuddle, this is when I get busy either with a parent or project.
  • Have your child meet life long friends... If your from our neighborhood, this is a great way to get your child accustomed to the children from the whole area.  Then when you child starts school, they will know lats of children from their own neighborhood. This will help them not be so scared when they start school.
  • Potty training children accepted here.
  • The children here have a huge vocabulary, it grows each day. Our goal is to have them with a 4000 word vocabulary before First Grade...
  • This program is ran by a mother of 4 children, who has 20+ years experience and college child developement CDA and much more...
  • My occasional assistant is my significant other of 10+ years. He's mainly a data base computer programmer but he will help me in a pinch and for transistions.  I do have another assistant who will be joining us soon this June and my daughter has all her credintials to be an assistant.
  • I work from home because I can limit how many children who can be in my classes or daycare, if I work for someone else, I have to take too many children without any support and basically I feel like they are cattling them into a very small room. I enjoy working from my home, I can purchase what I want, when I want and not go without anything--because of management budget cuts.
  • We are open year round! (some places close during the summer then having you find another place in the summer to go to -which has your child going to a couple of places rather just one place)  
  • Feel free to verify this information with current clients, do a class tour to see the 3 year olds reading books. If you go to most places you won't find them having all the above in place, like we do.  Have your child have a great childhood and education before 1st grade.  Your child's self confidence will soar! 

 Setting your child up for class and daycare success: 

  • Please have your child well rested before coming to class and CLEAN plus diaper/pull-up should be new and not the old diaper from last night. If they've drank a lot of fluids please let us know so we can change them earlier than at meal time.  Children who aren't well rested are cranky, negative and have a very difficult time learning and socializing with class friends. When a parent sends a child over who is VERY tired, then they are setting them up for class or daycare failure.
  • Please send your child to class and daycare well fed with good nutrition Example:  Protein, Fruit, Veg  (no sugary foods or high salt foods. I don't think you would appreciate me sending them home on sugary or salty items then setting you up for home failure) If you send them over starving, they will end up crashing and the results would be tantrums and weakness plus they won't be able to socialize or learn. Childrens tummies need to be fed every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours to keep them from having an upset...
  • Happy, well fed children and well rested children learn the best! Their day will go 100X better if done this way.
  • Keep to your daily routine, it keeps them more at peace.
  • Please keep me informed of your child's nap, bedtime and eating schedules so I can know if they might need to lay down and take a rest or early nap.  No child can socialize or communicate when very tired (especially the younger kiddos) I can try to move snack or lunch up earlier, if I'm told they didn't eat much. Remember I'm trying to have them have the best class or daycare experience as possible. I can't do this with missing information, thus we both would be set up for failure.
  • Kids play and learn here....

Rates--go to the far bottom left of this page. Please e-mail me for form if your unable to get them from the web site.  

I have rates sheets for private tutoring, Preschool, Pre-K and now my newly state licensed daycare. I can e-mail these to you, just e-mail or call me or click the link on the website. Licenses are in the classroom and hallway. My educational portfolio is in the classroom--if you need to view it. I have gentle children in my classes.

Please call and make an appointment to see me, I can schedule this usually early in the AM before 9AM or later afternoon after 2PM. Once you're part of Little Geniuses feel free to come in anytime (just a little more quietly when it's napping time).  I take parent volunteers, I also have co-op options but everyone is ran through a criminal history check--even if you do co-op or volunteer.  If you need references, I have MANY! Just ask me and I'll get that for you! (not a problem) I don't have a 24 hour customer service.  All correspondance is handled during normal work hours of 9 to 5pm and some emails and calls are put in the Q for the next few days...

Please when you arrive sign in and  out and keep your child with you at all times, children tend to wander more when it's the pick up or drop off time until you leave, they are in your physical charge--just like a doctors office.  We maybe involved with a project so help them learn that inside voices are quiet voices and outside voices can be noisey voices. If it's napping time, please keep your children with you at all times so we can get the other children down for their nap time.   A good time to confir with me is when the children are arriving to class or daycare because the children have missed their friends and are more open to playing and socializing with their new friends. If I have new students or daycare children the first two weeks are the hardest because this is when I'm acclimating them to routines.  Please feel free to E-mail, text, I M, voicemail me a message or call me during nap time... All appointments need to be made during business hours between 8 to 5pm (M-F).

I do use GREEN products mostly...  I like to use BabyGanics products...  I do have my carpets and wood floors done with Green Products also. We are slowly moving into the organic direction but have not fully done so. I try to serve at least one or more, organic products with my kiddo's...

I make sure that all children are nurtured here--Just ask any client of mine! I don't have any complaints.  Most businesses have 5 complaints a year or MORE.  The bigger the business the more complaints that can happen.

Please network with me, if you need to change your contract, times or days. I'm very negotiable with scheduling, when I know days or weeks in advance...  I of course would love 3 weeks or more advance notice for new changes as I would think you would want this from me.   We can schedule a conference. Best to let me know monts in advance so their is time to transisition.  There is no guarantee you'll get your new schdule, but I will try to get it for you.  Space is limited as I am only licensed for 12 children only, I will talk to the parents and see if anyone is willing to swap days.

Note: I train people to open daycares, Preschools, Pre-K's (in home or facility.) If you need an experienced daycare consultant, give me a call or e-mail me.  I charge a nominal fee for this service.

I also help consult and guide parents who are having behaviorial problems with their child or children at their homes, call me for a consult.  Your family deserves to have a positive family home dynamics!  If your looking for more peace an tranquility, give me a call.   I can help in many areas of child developemental mile stones....  I'll need a list of everything you do at home with your child/children on a daily basis for 3 days, to be able to give you "guidance techniques".

Imagine if you knew all your uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, phonetics, beginning words, Spanish 101, Sign Language 101, Solar System, Coins & Bills, Science, Math, Cooking 101, Gardening 101, Shapes, writing, Art, Music, Dance, Computers 101, Manners 101, Pets 101, Singing, Reading, Memorization, Geography, Animals/Insects, Social skills 101, Puzzles, Skeletal bones and was exposed to high communication skills on a DAILY basis before First grade, how different your grade school life would of been? If you were a C student you probably could of been making B's or A's and for some lucky few, test into GIFTED programs! This is what's happening in my program..... These children have years to think about all this information and process it, plus they get better with using these tools for advanced communication skills. Sieze this small window of opportunity--for your child's life long learning.

We don't cattle the children in our class like big facilities. We break out a group of 4 to 6 kids for the classroom fun. These kids are 3 to 6 years old and can do projects. The younger kids 2 and 3 year olds use the word box and get to draw do puzzles much more... We do have younger children.

There would never be more than 12 children under the age of 11 years- on site. I do have Greg as a backup (my significant other). There is a page about him on this website). Greg is my backup volunteers, he/she has taken all the necessary classes to be a volunteer and assistant--I do have a file for him/her if you'd like to see his credentials. He is just a backup volunteer in case Mandy has an appointment or needs to run and get her 6 year old daughter. He will help me out in a pinch, field trips and often on the nature trail walks-which is 2 minutes from us.

I do try to avoid higher ratio days but I also need to accomodate parents who have another sibbling who is out of school for a week or if a grand parent can't take care of the child, be it because of illness or school vacation.

I can teach ten 3 yr old or older students legally by myself in my preschool/pre-k class or daycare, but I choose to teach a smaller ratio class because I personally like a smaller class. Sure I can go work for a facility or larger school but they would determine my class size, which  usually has a higher class ratio (15 students or greater) WAY larger than my own private schooldaycare.  I wouldn't have a choice in having a smaller class ratio, if I worked for a large school or company. I could easily go run a larger facility daycare as a director but still choose to teach and have a small class. I'm fortunate enough to be able to choose my life path and this what I love to do.  I do respect teachers who teach higher ratio classrooms and hope that one day they can choose their class sizes-as well. Another solution for them would having many assistants and volunteers! There is an old saying "there is power in numbers" the more adults in a classroom gives the children more individualized attention--as long as the adults are there to teach and help guide and redirect... 

Situations where the teachers/assistants all huddle together and gossip all day while the children play for hours, is not what the children need.... They need adult supervision during outside and inside playtimes and during learning activities.

Larger schools and facilities need to take every volunteer and have them put in ANY classroom and designate them to a reading stations, writing stations, computer stations, art stations, math stations, science stations (etc...) If the class has too many volunteers in one class, move them to another class that doesn't have any volunteers.  Not only do the teachers need help but so do the students... 

I'm fortunate to be able to move the children to 5 learning areas. We move from a playroom classroom, to a class room, to the backyard playground area, to the natural nature trail just 2 minutes out my front door  and is enclosed on two sides and to then deck fun with rotated subjects. We also are fortunate to live near 8 additional parks within walking distance, these have playgrounds. This eliminates classroom boredom! Most places have one small playroom and then and outdoor area.   We will take the children to pet store, library and field trips occassionally. We have a library2Go van that drives up to my house and lets the children pick out a book once a month.The children climb in and then get to choose a book to read or look at for the month here.

Little Geniuses Daycare: Accepts any age birth to age 11 yrs ONLY if space is available-often we do have a waiting list.  Little Geniuses School: The ages accepted for Preschool, Nursery School & Pre-K class is birth to 11 years, we can apply for an older child waiver, also. (Children NOT potty trained is okay 95% of the schools don't take potty training children but I do!) A child shouldn't miss out on an a educationial experience, just because their bladder is weak.... Some schools have you come back to school and pick up your child when their wet/soiled--I don't! Some children have weaker bladders and I accomodate that, as long as I have pull ups/diapers/wipes/ointments and back up clothes.... at least 5 or more per day or send a package. They do need to show up in a velcro pull up or velcro diaper daily for class and it should be freshly changed before coming to class/daycare (who would want to start their class in a soggy diaper or pullup?). Remember, a fully potty trained child is a child that needs no assistance in the bathroom at all.  A child can still be potty training if they haven't learned to do both in the bathroom, without assistance from an adult.  Remember, if I brought 11 children to your home, do you think your child will potty train, usually they learn last with us because of all those fun distractions...


Note:   I will be starting Kindergarten in September 2014-registration is from January to June for Kindergarten--this is not a free public school Kindergarten this would be private pay and slightly less than Pre-K.  


I don't carry insurance for the childcare kids, please have your own health insurance and medical insurance in place for your child or children.

  • I've had people move away and commute further to be in my classes. Some commute from Sammamish, Auburn, Puallup and Seattle so their child can join our classes.

  • I've had people give 3 weeks notice and come back because they couldn't find anything better than my place.

  • I've got repeat cleints from over a decade ago, having children again and bringing them to me because their kids did really well with me eons ago. Nick's sister use to be in my Preschool in 1996 and now she is 18 yrs old in 2011. 

  • I've had people relocate and move closer to me so their kids could come more days...

  • I've got parents driving from Seattle, Puallup, SeaTac, Issaquah, Maple Valley, Renton, Kent, Covington, New Castle and Bellevue to be part of my program.

  • I had a client who put her 3 1/2 year old daughter in a  different Preschool 3 days a week in September then later in December she put her 2 year old son with me 5 days a week and her daughter the remainder 2 days with me. I tested her daughter (with games) and still 4 months later she didn't know the letter A.  I decided to teach both of them backwards from Z to M to show the parents the cognitive growth was coming from my direction, if the cognitive growth would of showed up, she would of known the first letters from A to L?  After she saw that her 2 year olds son was learning more from me than her daughter was learning, she then decided to put her in my place full time.  If your going to pay someone teach your child, make sure that your not paying someone to watch them play all day... Playing and learning is a good mix for all children, it will set your child up for a good home family dynamics and school dynamics...
  • No promises on reading books, we will try our best with the children.  If the child comes in with health or special needsl problems then they will be diagnosed by your family doctor.  If your child doesn't get enough sleep, they won't be able to learn very well-just like adults.  If children don't get enough sleep they won't be able to focus, they will be cranky, tired and lethargic and won't be able to learn to socialize very well.  Preventing a child from sleeping will backfire, it will cause health problems, these children get ill more and can develop learning problems.  When we sleep our body is repairing, rejuvinating and building our immune systems up.
  • My daycare is seperate from the Preschool and PreK class but we merge for playtime.   If your child is authorized for daycare, they won't be in the 4 hour Preschool class or Pre-K class.  If DEL/DSHS pays additionally for the Preschool class or Pre-K class on top of paying for the daycare class, then we can provide this service.  Preschool and PreK are an additional service just like ballet, karate and etc...
  • We have a new pet, she is a Havanese pup and she is hypoallergenic--your child should not be allergic but there is no "guarantee" with us or her.  We can do a trial period to see if your child is allergic or not and if they aren't adapting to our hypoallergenic puppy then please feel free to find another place that will make your child's allergies better. Her first birth day is April 2011. We also have two tiny dwarf hamsters in very large deep clear fully enclosed habitats in class areas--this is our hamster TV for your children's viewing, 2 ferrets in very large enclosed habitat upstairs and a Conure bird in a large plexiglass enclosed habitat.  (all super nice) Children need exposure to plants and animals so they can learn to nurture, children who have these are less likely to become violent youths and adults. The Conure and ferrets we'll bring in as a supervised pet experience and on our scheduled Pet 101 learning days.  We will bring the pets into the classroom, only.  Nurtured and socialized pets are very nice. (we have these)


Please call me from the above link. 


call 425-223-3607 Thank you! Ja





Contact Information:



Call:     425-223-3607

Fax:  1-334-460-0482

I will try to answer the phone

ASAP but there is a chance I

might not get to the phone

right away. I might be in the

middle of a messy science,

craft project or talking to a

parent about their child. 

I will call you back ASAP once

I can get a free moment- if

your a current client. If your

inquiring about a class or

daycare spot, it might take 24

to 48 hours to get back to you.

Feel free to look at this website

and see if your questions can be

answered here. If your questions

aren't answered by viewing the

website, please feel free to call

or email me. We are closed 

most major holiday's. I do my

business calls and emails

during normal business hours

of 8AM to 5PM  Monday thru Friday.

If newly inquiring about LG and calling

in the evening, weekend,

or holiday's expect a call back

within 48 to 72 hours after we get

 back in class and resume

 our normal work week.  It

is important if you need to

extend daycare time to let me

know before you leave or

as your dropping off your child,

as I am off during the evenings

and weekends and usually fill

my personal time with classes

and my own family events.

  • Please leave a voicemail or e-mail me, both do go to my cell phone...












Gregory - Your future computer consultant (Janice's significant other)


If your a client of mine already, please stop at one of our local gas stations to see if our gas is a good deal and if your a visitor --please do the same thing while your here.


If you need computer help or work done call us--my significant other is a computer genius! His base line charge is $200.00 an hour--he is that good! If you need a IT work on your server or programming done--he is available by appointment.